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Semalt Free Responsive Tool for Your Website

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Nowadays PCs are not the only devices we use for work and web browsing. Living in the era of various portable gadgets we heavily rely on our mobile phones, tablets, iPads. It allows us to find information, purchase or sell items online, plan our business and make contacts while not being confined to an office desk. This is an important thing to remember for anyone who owns a website and wishes to attract more visitors.

Keeping up with the rhythm of modern life is the key to success and when your website design is not adapted for tablet, iPhone or smartphone screen, it has no chance to become popular among users and gain enough influence to find its way to Google TOP. Time is of the essence and few users would prefer wasting their time trying to read the tiny letters on the screen of their iPhone or waiting for the page to upload on their tablet. They are more likely to choose another website with more convenient layout. Also, Google holds websites with responsive design in a very high regard, giving them a rewarding boost in search results.

Another useful feature of responsive web design, is that you don’t have to bother yourself with creating various mobile versions or versions for tablets. Having only one URL for many various devices saves your time and allows you to be more productive in your work.

Fast and simple responsive design testing tool

As a responsible website owner, you are aware of everything mentioned above. You understand the importance of building a responsive website and want to ensure that your online project is 100% user-friendly and users can enjoy your content while having their lunch in café or buying groceries. Therefore, you have to take a critical look at your responsive web design and check everything for any possible errors. Does it mean that you have to constantly keep a set of mobile gadgets at hand? Not really. Why clutter your desk with mobile devices, when you have Semalt?

How to work with this tool?

This is a responsive design testing tool that allows you to see your website’s layout:

  • on tablets;
  • on iPhone screens;
  • on Android screens;
  • on any other popular mobile devices.

With Semalt it will take you only 2 clicks to see how your website looks like on the iPhone, tablet, Android or smartphone screen. Just add your website’s URL to the field, click Start Now and you will be able to:

  • scroll up and down your website’s pages right on the virtual screen;
  • click and follow links;
  • visit website sections;
  • watch videos;
  • view images.

Our online service takes into account wide range of mobile gadget models, from iPhones (including latest models like iPhone 6) to Android devices and etc. You can even test your website’s layout on low-quality models to make sure that your responsive web design will be able to get the most out of the lowest screen resolution!

This is the quickest and the easiest way to see and assess your responsive web design through the eyes of iPhone or tablet user.

With the help of Semalt creating a responsive website for iPhones, Android mobile devices, iPads and tablets is no longer a challenge! Make your project more available to thousands of users worldwide!